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Legge Systems creates engineered products for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Through science, research and innovation we enable our customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs of society. We provide environmentally friendly cleaning products for a variety of applications, tile and stone care products and full line of static control products.

Manufacturing Static Control, Environmental Cleaning and Tile and Stone Care Products Since 1928

Since 1928, The Walter G. Legge Company has manufactured quality products used in the Static Control, Environmental Cleaning and Tile and Stone Care industries.

We offer a full line of static control products, including water based conductive and static dissipative coatings, static dissipative floor finishes, anti-static sprays, dissipative sealers, personal grounding devices, wrist straps, foot grounders, conductive matting, conductive footwear and ESD meters and ESD test equipment.

Our environmentally friendly cleaning products and maintenance products include germicides and disinfectants*, all-purpose cleaners, floor finishes, sealers, specialty cleaning products, window cleaning products, non-slip floor cleaners and buffing pads.

Our advanced line of Ceramic Tile and Natural Stone Care Cleaning and Maintenance Products are water-based, acid and solvent free and fully biodegradable. These products were designed to save valuable material and labor costs associated with the installation and maintenance of all types of tile, grout and stone.

All of our products offer exceptional performance at a very cost effective price. They contain no petroleum derivatives, no ammonia, no phosphates or solvents and are non-flammable. Most “GREEN” products are 0-VOC.

Our corporate offices are located in the Hudson River Valley of Westchester County, New York, just 40 miles north of New York City. The Walter G. Legge Company offers personalized customer service for applications and technical assistance of our products. We can be reached at our toll free number 800-345-3443,fax at 800-332-2636 or by email at info@leggesystems.com

*State Registrations in NY, CT and NJ. Call for other states and minimum orders.

What our customers think

“The products they have for tiles,stones are very good and good price.100%”
Edgardo Feliciano
“Great products , helpful staff.”
John Milson
Looca CTO
"Nunc quis dolor sed arcu sodales varius. Quisque auctor at elit aliquam convallis. Mauris sodales”
Ben Lourenson
GGO Founder
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