Static Control Floor Care

Leggesystems manufactures a full line of Static Control Floor care products, including floor finishes, cleaners, rejuvenators, strippers, and conditioners. We formulate our products to create a static free environment. Leggesystems has developed products created to be used in static sensitive areas.

Leggesystems produces static dissipative floor finishes that extend the life and durability of the floor surfaces. Our floor finishes are easy to apply with a mop and are easy to support with our complete Stat-Les floor care system.

Many all-purpose cleaners available to wash standard work surfaces and flooring leave behind a film that will also insulate a surface. All ESD surfaces need to be cleaned regularly to maintain resistance readings. Improper maintenance is catastrophic to an ESD environment. Whether the surface is a workstation, matting, floor finish or coating, dirt and soil build up daily and are detrimental to maintaining a static free work area. Dirt insulates the surfaces and has the potential to generate static charges.

Daily maintenance is accomplished with Stat-Les Cleaner. A concentrated neutral pH detergent to clean and keep the natural ESD reading.

Maintain Stat-Les cleaned floors with Stat-Les Spray Buff Rejuvenator. It is formulated to keep floors looking like new.

Remove finish with Stat-les Stripper.

One step clean and condition with StatShine.

Poor maintenance can severely damage the reliability of an ESD environment. Static free environments require a comprehensive floor care program. Leggesystems full line of static control floor care products help to reach optimum results.


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