Is a water based static dissipative coating, manufactured with high quality acrylic latex. Provides permanent static dissipation to a variety of surfaces and areas.

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Water-based Static Dissipative Coating for Permanent Static Dissipation for a Variety of Surfaces

Are you tired of looking for a surface treatment solution that can provide long-lasting static dissipation for a variety of surfaces?

How about getting a water-based static dissipative coating designed to provide you with permanent static dissipation for a wide range of surfaces through coating it with an impervious layer of high-quality acrylic latex? Can you imagine all the possibilities for all the applications such a surface treatment solution can provide? A solution that can provide a surface coating that can insulate a surface for good without you having to constantly worry about whether the conductivity of the surface has changed.

Introducing The Legge Systems K4096 Elimstat SD Static Dissipative Coating

If you are looking for a surface coating solution that eliminates its conductivity by creating a protective covering that offers permanent static dissipation for a wide range of surfaces, it does not get better than with the K4096 Elimstat SD Static Dissipative Coating. It can be the perfect solution for you if you want to create a static-free work environment when you combine it with Legge Systems’ grounding devices. The coating is simple and easy to apply. You simply need to clean the surface you want to apply the coating to and then use a roller, brush, or spray to apply the coating in even layers. Apply at least two coatings of the K4096 Elimstat SD Static Dissipative Coating, giving it three to four hours to dry between the layers, and you get the perfect solution.

What’s So Special About It?

Long-Lasting Static-Free Coating

The K4096 Elimstat SD Coating is a water-based acrylic static dissipative coating. At least a couple of coats of this surface treatment solution can give you a long-lasting solution to make the surface static-free.

Easy-To-Apply Solution

The K4096 Elimstat SD Static Dissipative Coating is very simple to apply. You can use a roller, a brush, or even a spray machine to evenly apply its coats on a surface. The solution becomes dry to the touch one hour after application, but it is better to wait for three to four hours after the first coat to apply the second one. A minimum of two coats is necessary to get the best out of the product.

Safe Pigment

The K4096 Elimstat SD Static Dissipative Coating uses pigments that are free of any lead. It uses iron oxide, titanium dioxide, and extenders to ensure that the coating leaves a nice color on the surface without compromising on safety.


  • Effective in creating a static-free work environment
  • Easy-to-apply coating
  • Can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including walls, floors, ceilings, printed circuit boards, containers, plastic surfaces, and more.


  • Coating type: Water-based acrylic static dissipative coating
  • Coverage: 300-450 square feet per gallon
  • Conductivity: Static dissipative coating for the electronics industry requirements. Meets and exceedsANSI/ESD S20.20 – 2014 for static decay.
  • Colors: White, Grey, Green, Red, Blue, Tan, Black, Yellow
  • Vehicle type: Acrylic resin, waterborne
  • Pigment type: Lead-free, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, and extenders
  • Non-combustible
  • Dry film thickness: 1.5 mils per coat
  • Viscosity: 2700CPS
  • Average drying time: At 75 degrees Fahrenheit, 50% R.H.: 1 hr to the touch with first coat. Re-coat after 3-4 hours.
  • Solids: 40-60% by weight (varies by color)
  • pH Level: 8.3
  • Weight: 10.5-12 lbs per gallon (varies by color)

                                                      TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

ELIMSTAT SD is a water based static dissipative coating, manufactured with high quality acrylic latex.  ELIMSTAT SD provides static dissipation to a variety of surfaces and areas.  The applications are limitless, but some include – floors, walls, ceilings, printed circuit boards, containers, plastic surfaces, etc. – anywhere static dissipation is desired.

The coating may be applied with roller, brush or sprayer.  Surfaces should be clean and dry.  Two coats minimum are required, 3-4 hours is the normal drying time between coats.

Like all static dissipative surfaces ELIMSTAT SD must be tested regularly and maintained with proper maintenance products.  Improper maintenance methods and products can block the conductivity and cause irregular readings. Meets ESD S20.20 standard for static dissipative flooring requirements. (requirement is resistance less than 109 Ohms)

ELIMSTAT SD is available in a variety of colors: WHITE-BLUE-GREEN-GREY-BLACK.


Type:  Static dissipative coating                         Viscosity:                1400-3000 CPS

Coverage:     300-400 ft2 per gallon                   Average drying         1 hr to touch time: @ 75o F

first coat recoat      50% R.H.:

after 3-4 hours

Conductivity:  Static dissipative coating               Solids:                    55-66%

Meets ANSI/ESD S7.1 for surface resistance.

Flooring:         Point to Point <1 x109

                       Point to Groundable Point  <1 x109

Resistivity:      1 x 107  – 9 x 108 ohm/s square inch               Equipment recommendation:

Vehicle type:    Pure acrylic resin, waterborne       Conventional spray:  DeVilbiss MBC-510 Spray Gun                                                                                           “E”,fluid tip and needle And #704,765 or 78 or                                                                                             equivalent Air Cap

Pigment type:  lead free, iron oxide,  Titanium dioxide and extenders

Flash point:      None                                         Airless Spray: DeVilbiss JCA-5026 spray gun and a                                                                                     spray cap or suitable orifice diameter   0.020-0.025.

Dry film thickness 1.5 mils per coat

ELIMSTAT SD is a VOC compliant coating.


This product information is based on extensive tests and believed to be reliable, however, conditions and methods of end user which are beyond our control, can change results.  Walter G LEGGE Co., Inc. assumes no liability and does not guarantee results from this product and no warranty expressed or implied is given.

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Weight12 lbs

White, Grey, Green, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow


1 Gallon, 5 Gallon

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