Legsolv-It  is a heavy-duty, fully biodegradable, water-based, and eco-friendly surface cleaning solution that can clear the surface of even the toughest stains like epoxy grout.

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Fully Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly & Heavy-Duty Cleaning Solution

Are you tired of using environmentally harmful and potentially dangerous cleaning solutions to get rid of the toughest stains on the floor?

How about getting a water-based, heavy-duty, fully biodegradable, and eco-friendly cleaning solution that can clean and remove various types of stains on the floor?

Introducing The Legge Systems K8023 Legsolv-It Heavy Duty Citrus Cleaner

Suppose that you have found yourself facing a situation where you must remove some of the toughest stains that you have ever come across, and regular cleaning solutions are just not cutting it. What if you do not want to use super-harsh abrasives or solvents to clean the surface of the dirt because you are worried about the environmental impact of using such a product? In that case, nothing gets better than the K8023 Legsolv-It Heavy Duty Citrus Cleaner. This cleaning solution offers you the heavy-duty cleaning you need for a variety of the toughest stains without using any harmful solvents, even letting you clean something as resilient as epoxy grout haze, tar, grease, gum, and much more. May be used with TEXSPAR PLUS for stubborn jobs.

What’s So Special About It?

Heavy-Duty Cleaning Solution

Whether you are looking for a final clean-up solution after a floor installation using stubborn epoxy grout or remove tough stains and deposits like graffiti, tar, grease, gum, and more, the K8023 Legsolv-It Heavy Duty Citrus Cleaner is an industrial cleaner that can clear it all up for you without having to revisit the area again with another cleaner that could be harsh for the affected surface.

Thoroughly Tested

At Legge Systems, we pride ourselves on thoroughly testing and vetting each of our products to make sure that they provide proven results before we release them for you. The K8023 Legsolv-It Heavy Duty Citrus Cleaner is designed for industrial-strength cleaning, and such a product is nearly impossible to make without using harsh solvents. With the K8023 Legsolv-It Heavy Duty Citrus Cleaner, we have created the pinnacle of non-butyl cleaning solutions that has been tested thoroughly in laboratory conditions and actual use trials to ensure a high-quality product that delivers the results you need.

Cleans Without Leaving an Awful Odor

Most heavy-duty cleaning solutions that use harsh solvents and abrasives leave fumes and awful smells in the aftermath of cleaning up a surface and removing tough deposits from it. With the K8023 Legsolv-It Heavy Duty Citrus Cleaner, you get a perfectly clean surface that has a pleasant citrus scent left once you are done.


  • The pH of concentrate is 9.5
  • Has a shelf life of six months
  • Comes with zero butyl content for an effective cleaning solution without the use of harsh solvents
  • Clears epoxy grout, graffiti, tar, grease, and other tough stains and deposits


  • Active: 22%
  • Shelf Life: 6 months
  • Butyl content: none
  • Color: Light straw
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