K9041 Texspar Plus Cleaner for Tile & Grout


K9041 Texspar Plus Cleaner for tile and grout restores the natural beauty of tiles as it cleans. Texspar Plus offers quick removal of stubborn stains, grout haze, hard water deposits, oil, dirt, floor coatings etc. Texspar Plus is a fine particle cleaner/stripper for hard to remove deposits. Texspar Plus is a superior tile cleaner and polisher. Texspar Plus can be used on new or existing tile and grout installations. Exceptional Grout haze remover.


Directions for the use of TEXSPAR and TEXSPAR PLUS

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Total Time Needed for each 10' x 10' section: 10 minutes

Required Tools:

- Mop
- Black nylon stripping pad
- Rotary scrubber
- Wet Vacuum

Things Needed?


Steps to restore your tile and grout.

Step 1 : Strip Your Tile and Grout.
For cementitious and latex fortified grout use with GROUT STRIPPER. For epoxy grout or heavy grease and dirt deposits use with LEGSOLVE-IT.
Step 2 : Clean The Area.
Sweep or vacuum the floor of all loose debris. Work in 10’ X 10’ sections.
Step 3: Prepare Cleaner and Apply to Floor.
Mix the appropriate LEGGE liquid cleaner according to the label and flood the floor with mop. Let solution stand for approximately 10 minutes. Water may be used instead of LEGGE liquid cleaners. However, the effectiveness will be diminished.
Step 4 : Apply TEXSPAR®
Place a cup full of TEXSPAR® or TEXSPAR® Plus every 2-3 feet. Keep solution wet at all times during this procedure.
Step 5: Strip TEXSPAR®
Use a black nylon stripping pad or equal on smooth surfaces or a NYLO GRIT or SCRUB GRIT II brush (aggressive scrubbing brushes) on textured surfaces.
Step 6: Scrub TEXSPAR® Into Floor
Scrub using a rotary scrubber. Hop the machine on top of the TEXSPAR® and create a slurry. Spread out and scrub with solution slowly in an overlapping pattern. Cross scrub at 90o to ensure proper contact. The solution may be scrubbed manually, but a machine is recommended.
Step 7: Rinse Floor
Pick up solution with a wet vacuum and rinse several times with water until floor is thoroughly clear of residue.
Step 8: Tile and Grout Maintenance
For normal cleaning use NEUTRAL CLEANER, LEGCLEAN® or CITRONEX®. For increased slip resistance use FLOORSHINE R20®. Follow instructions on the label.

1 Quart, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, 4 X 1 Gallon Case


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