K9069 Neutral Clean All Purpose Cleaner


Neutral  Cleaner is an all purpose environmentally friendly neutral pH cleaner that may be used continuously without harming surfaces. Phosphate free and biodegradable. Neutral Cleaner is recommended for use on ceramic tiles, natural stones, grout, concrete, brick, metal, rubber, and all other resilient surfaces. Superb cleaning and rinsing properties. May be used as often as necessary on any surface. Enhances shine and brings back the natural beauty of the surface. Works great on granite surfaces and counter tops.

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A Neutral and All-Purpose, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution

Are you tired of worrying about having to change cleaning products for various surfaces because some of them are too harmful for use?

How about getting a neutral and all-purpose cleaner that is environmentally friendly so you can rely on its neutral pH levels to ensure that any surface you clean does not get damaged, no matter how many times you use it? What if we told you that the same solution is effective in its job without using any phosphates, abrasives or chemicals that are harmful to the environment?

Introducing the Legge Systems K9069 Neutral Clean All Purpose Environmentally Friendly Cleaner

If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly cleaning solution that you can use on all kinds of surfaces without worrying about damaging them with harsh abrasives or chemicals that will react, the K9069 Neutral Clean all purpose cleaner could be the perfect solution for a wide range of problems. At Legge Systems, we understand the importance of having all-purpose cleaning solutions that let you take on a wide range of cleaning tasks without having to constantly change cleaning products based on the surfaces you are cleaning. The K9069 Neutral Clean All-Purpose Cleaner has been designed as a pH-neutral cleaning solution that is effective in cleaning the surfaces without interacting with them or damaging them in any way, leaving them cleaner than ever and bringing out the natural beauty of stone surfaces.

What’s So Special About It?

All-Purpose Cleaner

The K9069 Neutral Clean All-Purpose environmentally friendly Cleaner is a convenient cleaning solution that lets you clean all the surfaces at home without constantly switching to different solutions for varying surfaces. Whether you want to clean ceramic tiles, concrete, grout, metal, rubber, brick, or natural stone surfaces, the product can do an effective job of cleaning everything.

Environmentally-Friendly Cleaner

Designed without the use of any dyes, phosphates, harmful abrasives, or harsh chemicals, the K9069 Neutral Clean All-Purpose Cleaner ensures that you can wash and rinse the surfaces cleaned using the solution without worrying about it impacting the environment once it drains out.

Enhances the Natural Beauty of Stone Surfaces

The problem with most surface-cleaning solutions is that you cannot use them too frequently to clean natural stone, like granite countertops. Cleaning solutions tend to react with some of the minerals in stone surfaces, causing them to lose their sheen and natural beauty. The K9069 Neutral Clean All-Purpose Cleaner is designed as a pH-neutral solution that gives off no chemical reactions with the minerals. It means you can use it as often to thoroughly clear them of any dirt and grime and bring out their natural beauty.


  • pH-neutral cleaning solution
  • Phosphate-free all-purpose cleaner
  • It can be used on a wide range of surfaces for superb cleaning
  • Enhances shine and brings back the natural beauty of cleaned surfaces
  • Excellent cleaning solution for stone surfaces like granite countertops
  • Does not use any perfumes or dyes
  • The product is easy to rinse

Health Hazard Tips

  • Go to an area with fresh air in case of inhalation
  • Prevent eye contact and wash with water in case of eye contact
  • Wash any part of your skin that comes in contact with the product using water and soap
  • In case of ingestion, drink two glasses of water to dilute and consult with a physician. Do not induce vomiting.
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Neutral All Purpose Cleaner
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