K9075 GRANITE CLEAN – Multi Use Cleaner


Multi-use cleaning spray. Ready to use cleaner for all-natural stone, marble, granite, limestone, flagstone, slate, ceramic and porcelain tile, chrome, stainless steel, surfaces. Perfect for bath, kitchen fixtures and adjacent surfaces. Leaves surfaces sparkling clean. Eliminates dust. Spray directly from the bottle for general cleaning. Granite Clean leaves no soapy residue. Great for chrome and brass bathroom fixtures. May be used as often as necessary on any surface not affected by water. Granite Clean has been specially formulated with a neutral pH so that it may be used continuously without harming surfaces. Enhances shine and brings back the natural beauty of the surface.

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Multi-use  Granite Cleaning Spray For Stone & Other Hard Surfaces

Are you tired of using products to clean granite and other hard surfaces in your home that leave unsightly residue and possibly damage the surfaces?

How about getting a multi-use granite cleaning spray that is effective on all-natural stone, stainless steel, chrome, ceramic and porcelain, slate, and other hard surfaces? It’s also ready to use. Granite Clean multi-use cleaning spray leaves surfaces sparkling clean and effectively eliminates dust without harming the surfaces.

Introducing The Legge Systems K9075 Granite Clean

If you are looking for a multi-use cleaning solution that is ready to use straight out of the bottle on a wide range of stone, steel, ceramic, and other hard surfaces without damaging them or leaving any unsightly soapy residue, the K9075 Granite Clean is the perfect cleaning solution to meet your needs. This eco-friendly and multi-use cleaning spray leaves no soapy residue, eliminates dust, and leaves the surface sparkling once you are done cleaning, all the while making sure that no harm comes to the surface.

What’s So Special About It?

Ready-To-Use Cleaning Solution

One of the biggest problems that homeowners face with cleaning solutions is that they need to create a mixture of the product from the bottle with water and then move it to a container that they can use to apply the mixture. With the multi-use K9075 Granite Clean, that becomes a problem of the past. The K9075 Granite Clean comes ready to use in a spray bottle. All you need to do is spray the surface cleaner on the places that you want to clean and let it get to work.

pH-Neutral Formula

A significant issue with cleaning solutions, especially with natural and unsealed stone surfaces, is that they can harm the surface because they are too acidic or alkaline. The K9075 Granite Clean makes it easier for you to keep all the stone and other surfaces in your home clean without worrying about damaging them. The K9075 Granite Clean is specially crafted using a pH-neutral formula that you can use continuously to clean a surface without harming it due to any chemical reactions.

Cleans Without Leaving A Mess

The K9075 Granite Clean is effective for use straight out of the bottle, and the cleaning solution does its job without creating a mess. Simply spray the mixture directly from the bottle on the surface that you want to clean and wipe it with a cloth or a mop to clear it of any dust and residue, all without worrying about leaving any soapy mess that looks unsightly after drying up.


  • Made using a pH neutral formula
  • Cleans surfaces and leaves them sparkling
  • Leaves no soapy residue
  • Effective cleaning solution for a variety of surfaces
  • It can be used as often as necessary
  • Does not use corrosive ingredients
  • Enhances the shine and brings back the natural beauty of the surface

Ideal Surfaces to Clean With K9075 Granite Clean

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Flagstone
  • Slate
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Chrome steel surfaces
  • Stainless steel surfaces
  • Brass bathroom fixtures
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GRANITE CLEAN - Multi Use Cleaner
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