PALM-STAT #300L Large Palm-Stat Grounding Glove with Resistor


Controls static electricity during spray paint operations, allowing operator to wear conventional gloves. No cords to ground, eliminating restrictions as safety hazards. Large size


PALM-STAT #300L Large Palm-Stat Grounding Gloves with Resistor have a conductive strap across the palm of the gloves, providing the wearer with constant protection from static electricity emitted from spray guns or anything else giving off a static discharge. It allows the spray operator to wear a conventional glove as the PALM-STAT fits over the glove and makes positive contact with the spray gun. There are no cords to ground, thereby eliminating both restrictions on the operator as well as safety hazards.

Weight0.9 lbs

1 MEG, 51k, 270k, 510k


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